Bare with me!

Ok ok ok so I said I would be blogging after the episodes of Amazing Race 18…. and well to be honest I’ve been lagging! Last Sunday’s episode is still on my DVR:( I don’t know why but I can’t … Continue reading

The infamous Video…one more time urgh…

Poll Time!

Blonde or Brunette? What do you guys think?


Welcome my fellow watermelon heads!! So I made a little website to keep you guys posted on what is and will be going on in my life for the next couple of months!!! I love your comments and opinions on … Continue reading

21 Responses to LET’S CHAT!

  1. John Coffey says:

    You and Blake were one of my fave Amazing Race couples of all time, and I’ve been there since the first season. And I love your sense of humor regarding the watermelon shot. It was a big deal on ESPN PTI show.
    Boat ride and boat drinks if y’all ever visit the Chesapeake Bay area!

  2. Sherri says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving everyone another way to try to keep up with you :) Best Wishes as always. Sherri (you know, your favorite sketch artist’s wife), lol

  3. Laurel says:

    You are amazing!!!! I love the website. Can’t wait to see what next……. Love you

  4. Claire Thompson says:

    Hi, Claire! I’ve been a fan of yours since your GemsTV days. Loved you on “The Amazing Race”! Thanks for letting us share in the goings on in your life. You rock!

  5. Hi Claire, I met you at a bar a long time ago and thought you where super beautiful and awesome! Anyway, I think you took that watermelon like a “champ!” Keep livin!



  6. Christine says:

    YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Kevin says:

    Claire….you were awesome! I guess in a way I was upset you weren’t on this season because you were pregnant…but thats OK! Your pregnant! haha

    I have a question for you!

    I’m trying to get a friend of mine to apply for the Amazing Race, and I truely believe they have that “special thing” the producers are looking for! Do you have any tips for the application video?


    • claire says:

      Hi Kevin, no worries I was upset too that i wasn’t on this season! But if there was a reason why I wasn’t racing, I think I got the best one!! (although I think it would be funny to race while pregnant!) The one thing that I tell everyone or ask everyone is what makes your story and/or relationship different? Also why would it help you win the race? Make sure they answer those questions in their Demo reel. Thanks for the support!!!

  8. Hottest sis #3 says:

    Hey Claire…….. Didn’t know u had a blog!!!!!!!! This is so cool!!!! IM UR #1 FAN!!!!!!!!!

  9. WP says:

    Would love to hear your thoughts on this season’s crop of racers!
    What did you think of the Globetrotters “accidentally” moving Ron and Christine’s fanny pack?

    Did you get to keep your fanny pack from the race?

    • claire says:

      I honestly think the Globetrotters did that by accident. I really don’t see it in there nature to be malicious like that. One of the rules on the race is that you are not allowed to touch other racers or their stuff. For example if a team leaves their backpacks in a cab you are not allowed to move them and take their cab. (believe me I thought about it!) Thats why when the brothers on Season 16 put there backpacks in front of the line at the airport… no one was allowed to do anything about it. (Tricky!!) I was wondering if the Globe Trotters were going to get in trouble for that!

  10. Yvette #99 says:

    Love it …. Great way to keep us all updated..
    You surely live the vida loca even while you are pregnant,
    But that is just you :) I have been a fan of yours since Catalina
    Haha ….
    Take care n luv ya

  11. Caroline says:

    You and Brook are my favorite team from Amazing Race and I’ve seen every season! It was such a joy to watch you and Brook travel around the world while laughing and doing crazy things! I was so sad to find out you weren’t coming back on this season. Maybe in the future you will have chance to come back again! :)

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