Claire Champlin is the best friend we all wish for, guy or girl. Her infectious sense of adventure and make-you-blush brand of humor combined with a great big heart make Claire the girl you want in your corner, come hell or high water.

And lucky for her viewers, this sensibility shines through on screen, whether she’s chatting up a world-class athlete , selling your grandmother a diamond bracelet, or getting smacked in the face with a giant watermelon.

Yup, that’s Claire- the Amazing Race 17  “Watermelon Girl” who sprinted across nine countries and over thirty-two thousand miles in less than a month; who repelled off an icy bridge in the Arctic Circle and then again down a rock face in the Middle East’s highest canyon; who raced through Russia and Bangledash and overdosed on sushi in Hong Kong. She’s Claire Champlin- the most interesting woman you know.

And it’s her wit, fearlessness and ability to laugh through any circumstance- even at her own expense, that has carried Claire from an on-air reporting job for Resort Sports Network Lake Tahoe, to correspondence work for Australia’s premier action sports network Skuff TV, and most recently to her most creative and entertaining gig as a host for Gems TV, 24 hours of live jewelry home shopping. Of all the hosts at Gems, Claire is the only one with a three- hour show. “I think it’s because I can talk the longest!” she says. No doubt, Claire can turn a clever phrase with ease in a fast-pace live TV environment.

Growing up on a ranch outside Scottsdale, Arizona, Claire learned to love all things outdoors, splitting her time riding horses competitively, cheerleading, and polishing her broadcast skills as Gilbert high school’s mischievous morning announcer.  She then studied television at Scottsdale Community college, and got her start as an intern for RSN TV Tahoe.

When Claire isn’t travelling the globe in search of her next broadcast adventure , she snowboards and rides horses near her home in Reno/Lake Tahoe, where she’s settling in as a new wife and doting mother to two (soon to be three) boys, teaching them about all things rad.

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